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If you need a dancer friendly band that will play familiar music for your event, wedding, party, pub, grand opening, booze cruise or whatever give us a call. For an idea of what you can expect musically see our "Set List" page.

We also have a 3 piece jazz and soul band playing a century's worth of classics from Ray Charles and Willie Nelson to Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse.

Geoff has also played countless wedding ceremonies providing instrumental, acoustic jazz and pop music as well as wedding classics.

We can somewhat tailor our set list to be appropriate for a variety of venues and events but please keep in mind that with the rock band drums are loud. Our solo, 2-piece or jazz trio arrangements may be more appropriate for some venues both in volume and cost.

Our rate can include audio equipment suitable for all but the largest venues in the region if equipment is not provided.

Bookings outside of Tofino/ Ucluelet are possible but may carry additional costs for transportation and accommodation.

For rates and availability contact us by emailing or calling Geoff at (250) 266 2400

If you are providing the sound gear here are our basic requirement for the various bands; 

Full band/ Garvies:
-Decent quality bass amp(at least 100 watts), all tube electric guitar amp (Fender or equivalent, ideally around 25-50 watts) and standard drum set with whatever sound reinforcement you see fit to compete with rock drums (if you're new to this your PA will need to be at least 600 watts to compete with drums in most settings and have at least 6 xlr inputs)
-at least 2 vocal mics up front, at least 2 monitor speakers, ideally 2 monitor mixes but 1 is fine in most cases
-"Garvies" requires and acoustic guitar DI, 3 vocal mics, at least 3 monitor speakers

Jazz Band:
-3 vocals mics
-bass amp and/or DI
-guitar amp and/or DI
-Keyboard amp and/or DI
-at least 1 monitor, preferably 3
In small, very quite rooms the jazz band can play acoustically

Geoff Solo (or duo with Tara):
-1 vocal mic (or 2 with Tara)
-DI for acoustic guitar
-1 monitor
In small, very quiet rooms the solo set can play acoustically

Gef Zeppelin
-3 mic inputs (1 with phantom power)
-1 monitor


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