Custom Song Writing

Geoff Johnson's custom songwriting service;

I am a long time Tofino resident with a background in songwriting, record producing, live music, radio broadcasting and journalism.
I offer custom song writing and recording services for individuals, events and businesses. Recorded using a high quality home studio

How does it work?
The client sends me appropriate information on the subject of the song via email. The client may include other information to direct the song including genre, songs or artists to use for inspiration.
I will then produce a rough version of a song based on this information and send a low quality audio demo and a copy of the lyrics to the client.

The client then approves the rough of the song or provides direction for rewrites

Once the rough is approved a CD quality recording will be prepared, mixed and mastered and a watermarked sample of the high quality song will be sent to the client in mp3 form via email 

Upon receipt of payment via check or email transfer the client will then receive the full mp3 version of their song via email as well as a DropBox link where they can download a CD quality .wav file.

The client may also request the Pro-Tools “working files” if they like and a text file with lyrics and basic chord charts for people to learn to play them if they wish

While I will retain songwriter's rights for the song the client will have the right to use it and distribute it as they see fit for any non-commercial purpose. Licensing for commercial use carries additional costs. Exactly like a CD you buy in the store or an mp3 from iTunes, etc.

Will my private love song be played somewhere I don't want it to be?

No. I will not play your song for the general public or use it as an audio sample without your express permission. I may play it for my wife or other musicians in order to get feedback and improve the final product. Your song's lyrics will never be reused in a recognisable fashion but musical components like melodies and chord progressions may end up in other compositions.

What can I expect my song to sound like?

Basic songs will be a simple guitar and voice arrangement (acoustic or electric depending on the genre) with a few additional guitar parts (bass, solos, etc.) and perhaps some harmony vocals if appropriate. They may include a drum track. The song will be in a male voice unless a female voice is requested (which will carry an additional charge). These songs will more likely to have a simple structure as well; country, folk, blues and the like. Think Neil Young, CCR, campfire guitar songs

More complex arrangements will likely contain multiple guitar parts, possibly keyboards, accordion, mandolin, digital drums, extensive harmony vocals, possibly female vocals when available/ appropriate. The structure of these songs may be more complicated as well; jazz, more elaborate rock and roll, reggae, funk, modern pop... That sort of thing

I'm not much good at hip-hip

Other specialized instruments or features may be available by request but may carry and additional cost to compensate the artist Geoff will need to hire. Examples include; female vocals, complex piano, horns, violin, etc.

What Does It Cost?

While things get up and running I have some "introductory prices" in Canadian dollars:

Basic songs start at $200 and will likely take about 3 days to complete

More complex songs start at $300 and will likely take closer to a week

These times are based on ideal conditions, and no need for the extra musicians as mentioned above. Lots of notice and a firm deadline are the best way to ensure success.

You pay nothing until you approve the "watermarked" sample of the final project and agree to the cost, once that money has been received you get the song as outlined above.

I know it sounds cheesy but these are definitely “limited time only” prices that are less than I would charge simply to rent my studio for the time these projects take and will change.

Can I hear a sample?

Here is a sample song written for a couple's anniversary. Turn around time for this song from initial contact to delivery to client was approximately 2 hours. Lyrical content references inside jokes, first dates, careers, the proposal, wedding and children as outlined by the client. Untidy timing and vocal melodies are intentional to recognize the client's fondness for Bob Dylan and other classic artists who recorded "live off the floor".

Here's a commercial album I engineered and produced using the same equipment and software that will be used for your song:

More samples are being organized right now and will hopefully be available online soon.

I WILL write you a love song because you want me to, you see:


  1. Geoff wrote a song for me, I asked for it, I needed it, wife loves it. Talented fellow, you won't be disappointed :).

    1. Thanks Brian, glad it all worked out for you :D