Honorary Pigs

We meet a lot of great people jamming and rocking on the west coast. Some of them are so much fun we make them part of the band.... at least in spirit and sometimes on stage for a night or longer. So here you can meet to extended Ballistic Pig family;

Johnny: Blues harpist from Port Coquitlam area, he comes our way to work for a couple weeks each year and honks out some great blues harmonica. If you're in a bluesband in the Tri-cities area looking to spice things up you should track him down... Also, he kinda looks like Bruce Willis which is pretty awesome. Johnny you're always welcome to hop on stage with us if you've got the right harp in your pocket.

Mark Crissinger: A long time friend of Ballistic Pig Mark didn't earn his honorary Ballistic Pig wings until Canada Day 2013 when he sat in on guitar for not just 1 but 2 gigs. Mark is a veteran of Canada's music scene after a number of years with Ontario's Caution Jam. He lives on Vancouver Island these days and can be found gigging somewhere nearly any night of the year. Here's a lousy pic of Mark with Chester and Geoff.

Joel Gray: Joel is a long time Tofino residient and multi-intrumentalist. In addition to his own band Prester John's Gone, Joel has sat in on drums on a few occasions. More than enough reason to give him Honorary Pig status

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