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We provide a number of musical services for weddings. Music for beach weddings is uniquely challenging as electricity is tough to get to the beach and sand is hard on electronics. Acoustic guitar is an obvious solution. Geoff has played many wedding ceremonies with appropriate instrumental music as the guests arrive before the ceremony, processional songs like Cannon in D or popular modern tunes re-arranged into instrumental acoustic guitar during the appropriate points in the ceremony and a few tunes afterwards. For larger groups or windier days when an un-amplified acoustic guitar would be too quiet a discrete battery powered amplifier is available.

For ceremonies where power isn't as much of an issue full sound reinforcement equipment can be used, including a microphone for the couple and commissioner to use during the service. We do not offer wireless mics or lavaliere mics as they tend to be awkward to execute and prone to failures and other issues.

The Jazz band is another great choice for wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners and other events. Able to play completely unplugged in smaller venues or reinforced with professional sound gear for larger groups and venues.

If you are interested in an upbeat, dancer friendly rock band for the reception we may have you covered there, too!

Want it all? We can work out a great rate for all your entertainment needs on your special day.  Get in touch by calling 250 266 2400 or emailing


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