Thursday 14 May 2015

Album Update!

Hi folks. I'm sure you're all wondering how my DIY ego-project album, Women & Losin' is coming. It probably keeps you up at night, sweating and feverish with anticipation (read with heavy sarcasm). Well I've got about half of the tracks pretty much done and the rest well on the way. I'm hoping to have the bulk of it in the can by the end of the weekend. The newest finished track is called Other Side, I found this one particularly challenging to record because it kept coming across as something a boy band might record and, while I'd love it if a big time boy band did record it (and send me their big boy-band royalty checks) I didn't want it to sound like that on my album. So I kept it simple and even a little rough. Tell me what you think.

Here's another one that popped out of the studio in the last couple days. Kind of a country meets Motown thing.... Really preachy with an odd prog-rock break in the middle.

Speaking of recording the new Ballistic Pig rock band lineup is hoping to record a few demos this weekend in hopes of not missing out on the 2015 wedding season. Stay tuned for those recordings to hit the interwebs, soon.

Lastly, I'm playing solo at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet tonight starting at 7:30, hope you can make it!