Monday 21 April 2014

Upcoming Gigs For Late April, Early May 2014

Well, Tara's got some day job commitments coming up that will take her away from the band for a week or so. As a result our next few gigs will feature much less female vocal talent and a lot longer guitar solos and jamming. I've got a "solo" set this weekend at Jack's;
However, I suspect the rhythm pigs, Nick and Daz will show up so we can practice our "Tara Free" set because we'll be playing without her on May 2nd and 3rd at The Blue Marlin Inn in Port Alberni.  There's a small chance that ex-piggy Chester Hamm and some Port Alberni music friends will drop in on this gigs to play a few tunes, as well.
Of course, while all that's going on I'll also be playing my mellower acoustic jazz, blues and classic rock set every Sunday night at The Tin Wis starting at 6.

I'll also be bringing the unplugged set to The Wickaninnish Inn's Driftwood Café on May 8th (hopefully with Tara to help on the vocals), this will likely be my last Driftwood Café show for a while as, starting in June I'll be playing nearly every Thursday at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet.

So, it's getting pretty busy in the Ballistic Pig camp as summer approaches... Weekends are booked pretty solid through July and there are a lot of tentative bookings in place so if you need music for something be sure to drop us a line:

Thanks, Geoff

Monday 14 April 2014

Geoff's Sunday Night Residency at The Tin Wis Beachfront Bistro

Starting this Easter Sunday I will be playing every Sunday at The Tin Wis from 6-10 pm. The dinner hour will feature mellow blues and jazz followed by sing-along classics for dessert. Often I'll be joined by other musicians, Ballistic Pig members or otherwise, to keep it fresh. Here's a poster I whipped up, print it out, put it up at work, wallpaper your home with them and come enjoy yourself Sunday nights at The Tin Wis.

It's Monday so it's jam night at Jack's. Hope you can make it out because Jonathon "Chester Hamm" Shillam is in town and our one-time lead guitarist will be shredding some tunes this evening!

There is also a Port Alberni gig at The Blue Marlin Inn coming up on May 2nd and 3rd. Tara's not around so we'll be playing as a 3 piece with me taking most of the vocals, if you're in Port Alberni come check it out!

I'm expecting to announce a whole summer's worth of gigs very soon so check back here, soon.

Thanks, Geoff

Monday 7 April 2014

Geoff Opening For Fearing and White this Friday

We had a blast this weekend breaking in our new bass player, Daz at Jack's... He did well and I think we'll keep him. I also played a solo acoustic set at The Tin Wis on Sunday, a little mellower but still a ton of fun, it sounds like I'll be back there quite a bit this summer if all goes as planned (more on that later).

In other news, this Friday I'll be opening up a great show at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort for Fearing and White. My set starts at 7 and the main event should get started around 8. Tickets and more information HERE

Speaking of the Black Rock, some version of the band (probably Tara and I) will be back there in May 22nd to entertain the Vancouver Island Porsche folks as they roll in... Should be a blast.

Thanks again to the venues and music-lovers who make this "job" so much fun. See you at a show, soon.