Saturday 14 August 2021

Trust Me? Series 2 Director's Cut

 During COVID I started a Zoom based comedy series taking advantage of my assortment of somewhat famous friends' downtime. We haven't realeased anything for a while but here's the Director's Cut of the second series, released from December to March of last winter. Featuring Earl from The Steadies (and Wide Mouth Mason) and actor Jeremy Crittenden

Monday 9 August 2021

Lothar Myck - Journey of the Slug Music Video

Lothar Myck in a 15 year old progressive rock and synthwave musician in Ucluelet. Recently we worked together to produce this music video. Hope you like it


 I've set up a social media brand called Ukee Tube to highlight the community I live in and as a vehicle to share my portfolio and experiments. You can find it on most social media platforms as @UkeeTube. Here's are a few of the UkeeTube videos I've made recently.

If you have ideas for Ucluelet or Tofino related content let me know. Cheers, Geoff