Sunday, 8 March 2020

Revival, Renewal & Other Needlessly Dramatic Laguage

The Ballistic Pig website hasn't gotten much attention lately, perhaps that will change. For now I've cleaned it up a bit and intend to use it to focus on my creative adventures more than the working band portion of my musical output. On that note, I've decided to get involved with Nanaimo based Mighty Speck Record to encourage more creative output and distribution. Seems like a great organization with some fantastic priorities. You can find out more about them at and here sample tunes from the label's artists at

A recent project I've recorded is this ode to those who have lost a loved one to mental illness... a heavy tune that means a lot to me.

On a lighter note there will still be updates from the wedding/event band portion of my life. On that note, Tara and I have been spending some time in the studio, lately. Here's a demo of an 80s classic we whipped up the other day;