Sunday 24 November 2013

The Post Jingle Mingle

This weekend Tofino will enjoy Jingle Into Christmas... a semi-official event where the local businesses stay open late and offer some great incentives for folks to do their holiday shopping here instead of driving into the big city. Well, this year Ballistic Pig and Jack's are teaming up to put on The Post Jingle Mingle!!!! We'll be playing Friday and Saturday night and the good folks at Jack's will have some spirit warming drink specials and things happening, too. Here's a poster I whipped up using all the computer design skills and free software I could muster:

Also, many thanks to the folks who came to my last minute solo set Friday and the full band show Saturday. We saw a lot of new faces, both local and visitors and got a lot of great feedback.
Thanks for visiting, hope to see you at a show, soon.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Port Alberni Fun and Christmas Gigs

Last weekend was pretty sweet with our first ever gig at The Blue Marlin Inn in Port Alberni. The staff was immensely friendly and we had a great time with folks dancing from start to finish. The Blue Marlin is a.... colourful place with characterised duck-people painted on the wall and decades of great stories to be told by the staff. Thanks to Candy, both Cathys, Nate and the rest for looking after us. Really dug the Paul Bunyan painting in the hall by our accoms.

In other news we've got a few holiday themed gigs coming up. We'll be playing the "Post-Jingle Mingle" at Jack's in Tofino on November 29th (and still be there for November 30th for some post-post Jingle fun). In Tofino on the Friday that lines up with American Thanksgiving the local vendors stay open late and run some great sales to encourage locals and visitors to take care of their holiday shopping in the local market instead of the big box stores out of town. So, after you're done shopping come warm up by dancing with Ballistic Pig at Jack's.

Also, we were just booking to play the Jamie's Rainforest Inn Christmas Party on December 19th. Looking forward to that one for sure, Jamie himself is a big classic rock and blues fan AND it's his birthday so it should be a good fit.

Jack's jam night's continue on Mondays and we're still sorting out exactly what the plan will be for New Years Eve so stay tuned.


Friday 15 November 2013

Port Alberni Tonight At The Blue Marlin Inn

Well folks, Geoff here. Thought I'd just post a quick update. We're just about to pack into the car and head over the hump to Port Alberni for a night of rock and roll fun at The Blue Marlin Inn (formerly The Arlington). This will be Ballistic Pig's 3rd show in Port Alberni in the last few months (first with the new line up) and it would be nice to see some faces and friends from the other gigs. Music starts at 10ish, no cover, 19+. We've worked out some fresh tunes from Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Aerosmith and The Foo Fighters that we'll probably bust out tonight. Hope you can make it.

Tomorrow night I'll be dressing up in my finest to MC The Clayoquot Oyster Gala in Tofino as well. We won't be playing or anything but myself and Tara will definitely be there getting our oyster on!

Local gig wise we're next playing at Jack's on November 29,30. That's Tofino's "Jingle Into Christmas" weekends so think of our show as your post-jingle after party (and your Thanksgiving party for any Americans in the neighbourhood).

Also, don't forget our Monday night jams at Jack's in Tofino. They're still going strong despite the off-season.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Piggyland Update

It's was a busy couple weeks for the new Ballistic Pig lineup. We had lots of rehearsal and a couple Halloween parties. The new team is really starting to come together. Our fans are also pretty awesome! Check out the Pig-o-lantern that Coral made:
Halloween at Official's was pretty awesome, too! Killer crowd packed the dance floor all night and it made for a great first gig for Tara and Jamie... They also had insane decorations

Past Pig Chester dropped in for a jam a couple Mondays back and took some stylish pictures:
New singer Tara

Ex-bassist Geoff in his new position on lead guitar (Nick on drums giving the finger in the background)
Gig-wise we're in Port Alberni at The Blue Marlin Inn on November 15th and at Jack's for the weekend November 29, 30th.... For those folks in Tofino you know that weekend is "Jingle Into Christmas" so I guess Ballistic Pig at Jack's will be the Jingle After Party!
We also have a few other tentative bookings that may pop up in the coming weeks, stay tuned. (all confirmed gigs are posted in the calendar to the right)
Geoff's also been writing lately so Ballistic Pig originals might not be too far away.

Hope to see you at a gig or jam night soon. Thanks. -Geoff

Saturday 2 November 2013

Original Tunes?

We're a cover band for sure. Familiar tunes are great to dance to and sing along with.... however... every once in a while one of us gets inspired (and drunk) and writes a song.... Here's a VERY rough demo of one of those recorded by Geoff in his home studio after watching the Foo Fighters documentary Back And Forth

Also, here's the Foo Fighters documentary Back And Forth

Up next for Ballistic Pig? Jam night Monday at Jack's and our next full gig is November 15th in Port Alberni at The Blue Marlin Inn (formerly The Arlington)... See you there.