Wednesday 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas From The Coast

I had an hour or so this afternoon while Tara was at work so I wrote a Christmas song. Happy Holidays to West Coasters everywhere!

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Tara and I are playing a Jamie's Rainforest Inn tonight and the swing-jazz-country-soul trio is a Black Rock on New Year's Eve (also jam night on the 29th) so I hope to see you over the Holidays.


Monday 15 December 2014

Late December Gigs

Well, 2014 is wrapping up and we're staying busy in Ballistic Pig land. Last Saturday's gig playing Christmas tunes at Ucluelet's ANAF hall was a blast!  Coming up on the live music front I've got my usual solo set this Thursday, December 18th at Black Rock starting at 7:30. Then it's down to Jack's for Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th for more solo fun (Tara and Andrew might show up to play some of the Jazzy- Christmasy stuff). Monday, as usual is jam night at Jack's then Tuesday, December 23rd I'll be playing at Jamie's Rainforest Inn starting at 9. So, if you're looking for something to do around the Holidays in Tofino and Ucluelet you know where to go.

After Christmas jam night will be happening on December 29th and the jazz trio is playing at Black Rock for New Year's Eve, as well.

Hope to see you at a gig or 2 over the holidays!

Friday 12 December 2014

Classy Christmas Party at ANAF in Ucluelet Saturday December 13th

Looking forward to bringing the "Jazz" trio to Ucluelet's ANAF hall to play their Classy Christmas Party tomorrow! The folks at The Westerly News were kind enough to publish this bit about our lovely vocalist, Tara;

Here are the details about the evening if you haven't already got your ticket
We've got about 10 holiday classics we'll be playing as well as another dozen or so jazz and soul standard and modern vocal gems. Hope to see you there, Geoff

Sunday 7 December 2014

Live Music Around The Holidays in Tofino and Ucluelet

Well folks, it's early December and Christmas parties are starting to become pretty common. I played the Son Bird party last night, thanks to Chris and the team for a really fun night of singalong classic rock, some carols and great requests. The Ballistic Pig musical family has quite a lot going on over the holiday season. In addition to the usual jam nights on Mondays at Jack's in Tofino and Thursday evenings at The Black Rock we've got a couple gigs with the Down By Law "Jazz" Trio and some other fun. Here it is in chronological order;
Christmas party at the ANAF in Ucluelet, December 13th
Solo(?) weekend at Jack's December 19th and 20th

I'm also playing what might be a solo set (or a trio set) at Jamie's Rainforest Inn on December 23rd and Down By Law will be the dinner time entertainment for Black Rock's New Year's Eve festivities accompanying an EIGHT COURSE DINNER!

We're still always keen to play more gigs though so if you need some live music for your holiday party or what have you drop us an email;

Thanks, Geoff

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Soundtrack Fun

A couple months ago I got a call from a local film-maker who was looking for an affordable way to get a soundtrack for a film she was working on with short notice. A few hours later I sent her the first draft of her custom score. Here's how it turned out in the end:

Getting a custom score from me allowed us to customizing the timing of musical events to moments in the film, she was able to "proof" the music so we could make changes to the arrangement based on her vision. Finally, it cost a fraction of the price she was quoted to license the original song she had considered using, originally.
If you've got a project that needs that final musical touch drop me an email at

Thanks folks, Geoff

Monday 17 November 2014

Early Solo Gig at Jack's November 21, 22

So due to some booking errors I get to share the stage at Jack's this weekend with a some talented folks. Here's an updated version of the poster;

This is good news because it means that folks who have to go to bed early can come see my set AND I get to stick around for the fun, myself. So come down for dinner and stick around for some fun tunes!

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Solo Acoustic Gigs in November, Jazz Trio Christmas Gigs in December?

Hi folks, the beat goes on in Ballistic Pig land. I'm back to my solo, acoustic Thursday night spot at The Black Rock in Ucluelet every Thursday until Christmas so come on by for that. I'll also be playing a few special event there in the coming weeks like their Movember party and other fun.
For Tofino folks I'll be pulling out my more aggressive solo set on November 21, and 22 at Jack's.

The jazz band is also getting together tonight to work on some Christmas music to try to keep busy in December, get in touch now if you want to book us for your party:

Speaking of parties, thanks to everyone who came to the "soft" reopening of the ANAF hall last Friday! Turns out it wasn't very soft at all, as we had a full houce dancing all night. Big shout out to Misty Reid for opening things up for us and Marty Kukler for taking some rocking photos! 

Also, thanks to the folks who joined us for the Jazz Trio gig at The Wickaninnish Inn recently
 That's about it for now. See you at a gig, soon!


Friday 7 November 2014

Rock Band af ANAF in Ucluelet Tonight

We're playing at Ucluelet's ANAF tonight with guest Misty Reid, formerly of Vancouver indie rockers The Yoko Casionos, here are the details;
Should be a blast of a night. Last time we played the ANAF it was a full house, hopefully we'll see some of you there

Sunday 2 November 2014

Jazz Trio Set Thursday November 6th at The Wickaninnish Inn

Hi friends, with Halloween behind us things are probably going to get a little quieter in Ballistic Pig Land for a while. We've got gigs but the rock band portion of the fun likely won't see much action until spring.

We've got a gig with the "jazz" trio on Thursday though, we'll be playing a 100% unplugged show in The Driftwood Cafe and The Wickaninnish Inn starting at 6:30. It's a small venue with no cover and I've played a number of solo sets in there that always fill up so if you're interested in checking it out come early. After this gig we're going to put together a set of Christmas tunes for the trio so if you have an event of house party or an event for Christmas give us a call.

The quieter times in the coming months will also, hopefully allow me to do the tracking of my album. There has been a lot of rewriting and other pre-production going on and I suspect the actually recording will be done in December and January.

Thanks for a summer season of great gigs and tons of local support, see you at a show, soon.

Friday 24 October 2014

Hallowe'en in Tofino at Jack's with Ballistic Pig and Jagermeister

One of our favourite nights of the year at one of our favourite venues surrounded by the "medicinal" beverage that has led to many of the questionable but very fun decision we've made coming up. On October 31st it's Halloween at Jack's with Jagermeister and Ballistic Pig!!!!
Can't wait, hope to see you there!

Thursday 23 October 2014

The Pig Rig: Geoff's Full-Size 5-string Upright Bass

When the jazz-country-soul trio idea was first coming together a few months ago I thought it would be great to do it with an upright bass. After short consideration I had talked myself out of it for a variety of reasons; I'd never played one before, they're expensive, they're awkward to travel with and store, and I'm usually a five string bass player and I figured bouncing back and forth would be hard on my head. While discussing this with a friend he noted that a local guy was selling a 5-string upright bass IN TOFINO... so this happened!

Frankie, as I've come to call her, isn't the fanciest bass around but she's a workhorse. The previous owner played her all through his classical training before finding a higher quality instrument upon graduation so she's paid her dues. Playing the upright has really given me a new perspective on music. You can hear her when our Jazz Trio gets together (Next confirmed gig is November 6th at The Wickaninnish Inn)

Monday 20 October 2014

Busy October!

At the time of this post the Ballistic Pig family of musical adventures had 22 gigs booked in October. This coming week is a nice sampling of the many different adventures we've been on;

Monday: Jam night at Jack's in Tofino with the rock band 9pm-close
Tuesday: Geoff solo at Jamie's in Tofino 9pm-11 (or 12?)
Wednesday: Jazz Trio at Black Rock in Ucluelet 7:30 - 10:30ish
Thursday: Geoff solo at Black Rock in Ucluelet 7:30 - 10:30ish
Friday: Geoff solo after steak night at The Tofino Legion 8pm-?

I've also wrapped up a soundtrack project that will be released on October 27, more on that soon.
Hope to see you out this week friends!
-Thanks, Geoff

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Thanksgiving Sunday in Tofino it's Turkey v Pig

I'm playing a solo set at Jack's this Sunday night so if you've got a big dinner planned and you're wondering what to do after... now you know!

In other news it's been a fun couple weeks playing a variety of gigs from bars to wedding ceremonies, fancy dinners to charity BBQs. Thanks to everyone who came to the public shows and the event planners who booked us. This is truly the best job, ever. The Jazz Trio will be playing Jamie's Rainforest Inn on Tuesday, October 14 starting at 9... Hope to see you there, as well.

Party on, Geoff

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Christmas Parties

For a wedding next summer a couple wanted this one for the processional. Here's a little (poor audio quality) version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow) for you;

In other news, The Down By Law (jazz band spinoff) team have started putting together a set of Christmas songs for your parties this winter. Lastly, We've got a ton of gigs coming up in the first half of October! Full band, jazz band , duo and solo in Tofino and Ucluelet. Check the "Shows" page if you're on mobile or the little calendar thing on the right it's your on the full website.

Thanks for visiting friends... See you at a gig, soon!

Thursday 25 September 2014

October Gigs. Your Parties? An Album!

While the West Coast Slows down into "off-season" mode here in Ballistic Pig land we're still going hard. At this point we have sixteen gigs booked in October spread across private events, fundraisers, Hallowe'en parties, jam nights and more! A healthy mix of musical fun for sure. Check for bookings on the right (or the "shows" page if you're on mobile).

I had a great time playing my solo party set at Schooner the other evening for The Pacific Sands' staff party. If you're looking for musical entertainment to liven up your next corporate event or Christmas party drop us an email at

In other news I've decided to take whatever free time I might end up with this winter to record an original album with hopes on having it available in the spring, more on that as it develops. Currently I'm digging through tunes I wrote over the last 15 years and seeing what's salvageable.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Down By Law

The Jazz/ Old-School Country  Trio has now been named. We've opted for Down By Law, a slang term from the jazz world that sort of means to have "paid your dues". Mostly we thought it sounded cool. We've played a few private functions as Down By Law but our first public gigs as it stands right now will be at Jamie's Rainforest Inn on October 14th and at The Wickaninnish Inn on November 6.
Other shows in the near future include my usual solo gigs most Thursday's at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort and our first full-on Ballistic Pig rock and roll show in Tofino since August at Jack's on October 3rd and 4th.

In other West Coast music news, it was a blast having Jay Bowcott and Brady Enslen at the jam last night. They're on tour from Alberta, here's a player with some tunes from Jay's new album and more.

If you're reading this on Sept 16, 2014 they are playing at Jamie's Rainforest Inn tonight starting at 8.

Jam night next Monday will be stellar, too. With reggae-rockers, The Steadies in town for some jamming and a special acoustic gig at Jamie's. Their new album can be heard on their website;

That's about it for now. See you folks at a gig, soon.  -Geoff

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Weddings, Corporate Events, Golf Tournamnents, Charity Dinners, Staff Parties and More

Summer, at least the peak of the tourist season may be behind us in Tofino and Ucluelet but in Ballistic Pig land there's still lots to do. For myself it's been solo acoustic guitar for wedding ceremonies. Playing a few weddings a week for the last while has been a ton of fun and I really look forward to more! We also unleashed the (still un-named) jazz trio last Friday at The Wickaninnish Inn Pro-Am golf tournament with great success. There are other great dinner party events on the horizon, staff parties and other fun things so we're keeping busy with the more acoustic side of the Ballistic Pig family.

Hopefully Daz will have his hand fixed up and we'll be ready to get the rock band back on the stage, soon. In the mean time hope to see you at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort for my usual Thursday Night set, tomorrow starting at 7:30.

Thanks, Geoff

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Jazz Band Coming Soon

Geoff and Tara have been working with local jazz guitar and piano player Andrew Giesbrecht lately to put together a set of jazzy tunes great for fancy dinner parties, weddings, classy events and such that will feature upright bass! So, here's a little photo summing up our musical offerings based on which instrument Geoff will be playing. (Kamloops BC made Riversong acoustic for solo sets, Fender USA Deluxe Stratocaster for full-band Ballistic Pig fun and a 5-string upright bass for the yet unnamed jazz band)
So your job is to help us name the jazz band. Bonus points if you can work a "Pig" angle in while still keeping it classy enough to put on wedding invitations or whatever.  Any ideas can be posted as comments below or emailed to

Gig-wise Geoff is playing a solo set at Blackrock tomorrow evening (Thursday August 21, 7:30, no cover)

Finally, many thanks to the folks at The ANAF in Ucluelet, both staff and dancers. We had a blast playing there on Friday and hope to come back soon.  Big thanks to Rachel for opening the party up with an acoustic set, as well.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Tara Lightnin' and Ballistic Pig Friday August 15 at Ucluelet's ANAF

We're pleased to be playing a new (to us) venue next Friday, Ucluelet's insanely charming Army, Navy, Air Force Veteran's Club. Here's the poster

We're working on some ideas for an opening act as well so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Geoff and Tara are playing at The Tofino Village Green Market this Saturday. Come get some free, outdoor tunes!

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Tin Wis Gig on Hiatus

Just a "heads up" that my solo Sunday night gig at Tin Wis is on hiatus until further notice. Hopefully live music will be back, better than ever at The Tin Wis once their new patio is set up. Until then check out the solo show most Thursdays at Black Rock and other gigs, full band and otherwise, listed in the "Pig Gigs" section of the website.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Ukee Days After Party at Official's in Ucluelet

Been a while since the last update. We've been playing a lot and summer on the west coast is usually a busy time. Anyway, we're really excited to say that we're going to be providing the rock madness for the Ukee Days After Party at Official's!!
So make plans to get up to some silliness with us in a couple weeks.

We're also playing Jack's this weekend and I've got a handful of acoustic solo gigs, too so check the "pig-gigs" listing here on the page.

See you guys at a show soon.


Tuesday 1 July 2014

Happy Canada Day

Hey kids, we're in Ucluelet playing The Canadian Princess Resort on the deck of the boat this evening from 6:30 to 8:30... Hope you can come by. Oh yeah, Happy Canada Day
Lot's of other gigs coming up in July so stay tuned!


Monday 16 June 2014

Firday June 20 Tara Lightnin' and Ballistic Pig at Jack's

Just a quick post letting you know we're playing a full night of rock fun at Jack's Pub in Tofino this Friday. Hope you can make it!
Speaking of Jack's we're hosting jam night tonight as usual. Hope to see you there

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Geoff Solo Thursdays at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet

Starting tomorrow I'll be playing my solo acoustic set at Ucluelet's The Black Rock most Thursdays starting at 7:30. It's a lovely resort they've got down there and I've been fortunate to play there a number of times over the years. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the crew and clientelle down there better.  I'm also planning to incorporate local and touring musical guests into these shows to keep them fresh.

The music takes place in their Float Lounge so it's 19+ but there is no cover charge and always great food, drink and service.  Check out Black Rock's website here:
Black Rock's Float Lounge

Hope to see some of you folks in Float tomorrow and Tuesday's to come. -Geoff

Friday 6 June 2014

Guest Entertainer This Sunday at The Tin Wis: Candace Dawne Bastien

Hi Folks, on June 8 I've got my usual Sunday acoustic show at The Best Western Tin Wis resort and I'll have a guest drop in for the 8-9 set.  A Tofino local singer-songwriter Candace has a set of quirky originals and covers. I tried to find some demos online but didn't have much luck so I guess you'll have to come out to hear them.

 Next week (June 15th) I'll have local jazz and country guitarist Andrew Giesbecht join me from 8-9 as well, so make some father's day reservations at The Tin Wis.

In other news, I begin my solo residency at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort on Thursday, June 12.  Nearly every Thursday I'll be down there with fun, classic acoustic covers. I'll also be joined by local and touring artists so plan to attend if you can... I'll keep you posted here regarding guests and whatnot.

As far as the full Tara Lighnin' and Ballistic Pig thing goes we have a lot of gigs coming up. We're playing almost every weekend from late June through July including June 20, 27, 28 at Jack's in Tofino and Official's over the Ukee Days weekend in late July. Check the "Shows" calendar for details.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you at a show, soon.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Gettin' Lucky, Goin' To Ukee!!

We've added a bit more current Top 40 stuff to our set recently and we're looking forward to busting it out on May 31st at Official's in Ucluelet. (don't worry we still play a ton of classics, too.) Here's a video from the audiece at a jam night a few weeks back when we played Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

Thanks, Ben for shooting the vid. If you've got photos or video of the band we'd love to see it. Feel free to post it on the Facebook page at or email stuff to Tara and I are in Ukee Thurday, May 22nd to play for the Vancouver Island Porsche Owner's Club and the 3 piece band is back in Ukee on May 31 to play at Official's.

I've also got my usual acoustic sets on Sunday evenings at Tin Wis and a solo set for the Tofino Village Green's Market from noon to 2 on May 31st. Full schedule on our "shows" page

Hope to see you out and about! -Geoff

Friday 16 May 2014

Quick Update

Not a lot of posts lately, sorry Pig Fans. I've been busy with solo acoustic gigs these last few weeks. Sunday's at Tin Wis, last Thursday at The Wickaninnish Inn and our recent 2 night stand at The Blue Marlin Inn were all a blast. Jam nights have also been really picking back up with the summer coming!

We're also doing some "rebranding" and will be referring to our full-band gigs with Tara as follows
Ballistic Pig will refer to the 3 piece band of myself, Nick and Daz... I'll use my name real name for the mellower solo gigs and the Acoustic Pig moniker for the pub style solo gigs.... Confused yet?

Anyway, We've got a ton of shows of all sorts coming up on the next couple months in Tofino and Ucluelet so check the schedule and get ready to party!

Thanks,   -Geoff

Monday 21 April 2014

Upcoming Gigs For Late April, Early May 2014

Well, Tara's got some day job commitments coming up that will take her away from the band for a week or so. As a result our next few gigs will feature much less female vocal talent and a lot longer guitar solos and jamming. I've got a "solo" set this weekend at Jack's;
However, I suspect the rhythm pigs, Nick and Daz will show up so we can practice our "Tara Free" set because we'll be playing without her on May 2nd and 3rd at The Blue Marlin Inn in Port Alberni.  There's a small chance that ex-piggy Chester Hamm and some Port Alberni music friends will drop in on this gigs to play a few tunes, as well.
Of course, while all that's going on I'll also be playing my mellower acoustic jazz, blues and classic rock set every Sunday night at The Tin Wis starting at 6.

I'll also be bringing the unplugged set to The Wickaninnish Inn's Driftwood Café on May 8th (hopefully with Tara to help on the vocals), this will likely be my last Driftwood Café show for a while as, starting in June I'll be playing nearly every Thursday at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet.

So, it's getting pretty busy in the Ballistic Pig camp as summer approaches... Weekends are booked pretty solid through July and there are a lot of tentative bookings in place so if you need music for something be sure to drop us a line:

Thanks, Geoff

Monday 14 April 2014

Geoff's Sunday Night Residency at The Tin Wis Beachfront Bistro

Starting this Easter Sunday I will be playing every Sunday at The Tin Wis from 6-10 pm. The dinner hour will feature mellow blues and jazz followed by sing-along classics for dessert. Often I'll be joined by other musicians, Ballistic Pig members or otherwise, to keep it fresh. Here's a poster I whipped up, print it out, put it up at work, wallpaper your home with them and come enjoy yourself Sunday nights at The Tin Wis.

It's Monday so it's jam night at Jack's. Hope you can make it out because Jonathon "Chester Hamm" Shillam is in town and our one-time lead guitarist will be shredding some tunes this evening!

There is also a Port Alberni gig at The Blue Marlin Inn coming up on May 2nd and 3rd. Tara's not around so we'll be playing as a 3 piece with me taking most of the vocals, if you're in Port Alberni come check it out!

I'm expecting to announce a whole summer's worth of gigs very soon so check back here, soon.

Thanks, Geoff

Monday 7 April 2014

Geoff Opening For Fearing and White this Friday

We had a blast this weekend breaking in our new bass player, Daz at Jack's... He did well and I think we'll keep him. I also played a solo acoustic set at The Tin Wis on Sunday, a little mellower but still a ton of fun, it sounds like I'll be back there quite a bit this summer if all goes as planned (more on that later).

In other news, this Friday I'll be opening up a great show at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort for Fearing and White. My set starts at 7 and the main event should get started around 8. Tickets and more information HERE

Speaking of the Black Rock, some version of the band (probably Tara and I) will be back there in May 22nd to entertain the Vancouver Island Porsche folks as they roll in... Should be a blast.

Thanks again to the venues and music-lovers who make this "job" so much fun. See you at a show, soon.


Monday 31 March 2014

Fresh Bacon's First Gig

Our new bassist Daz will have is first full gig with us this weekend at Jack's. Come welcome him to the pig-pen! Also, can you believe what people tattoo on themselves!?
Geoff will also be playing his mellower acoustic set at The Tin Wis on Sunday evening. Hope we can see you out and about, west coast

Sunday 9 March 2014

Mid March Madness!!

While we are retooling to add our new bass player I'm not wasting any time at all. This coming week Acoustic Pig, my (mostly) acoustic, (mostly) solo set will be playing a ton of shows. I'm expecting Tara to be around to sing a few new tunes with me for these shows as well.

He's the plan:

March 14, 15: Jack's pub in the Marina West Motel:

March 16: Best Western Tin Wis Resort's Beachfront Bistro:

March 17 is St Paddy's Day so no jam night at Jack's, they've got live music with Tofino's Poor Pistols if you're looking for a place for green beer and tunes.
Hopefully, after all that I'll still have some energy on Thursday March 20th to open for John Mann from Spirit of The West in Ucluelet at Black Rock Resort's Barnacle Blues!! Details and ticket info HERE
Hope to see you folks out on the town in the coming weeks. Blog post introducing our new bassist coming soon!

Saturday 22 February 2014

Pig Evolution Continues

The first "Ballistic Pig" band that I was in formed in Medicine Hat, Alberta some 15 years ago when I (Geoff Johnswine) headed down to The Royal for jam night with a friend named Tom Cook. We were joined by a drummer we had never met to jam some punk rock tunes we had just written. The brave, unknown drummer made up the name Ballistic Pig on the spot and I have used it ever since for a series of cover bands. Well.... it's time for Ballistic Pig to move on into it's next phase... Sadly (for us anyway) our bassist Jamie Pigkard (below) has decided to move back to the east coast to follow up on some oppurtunities there, his last shows with us will be February 28th, March 1st at Jack's in Tofino.

Jamie Pigkard, bassist for Ballistic Pig
Jamie has played with us since October when guitarist Chester Hamm left for Cumberland and I made the transition back to lead guitar. Since then he has brought a little more hard and mordern rock to our repertoire and become a fast friend of the other pigs... he will be missed. Don't worry though, Ballistic Pig is already scouting a few talented and commited locals for the role and we shouldn't miss any gigs we've scheduled for this spring.

Please come on out and raise a glass to the bass-man this weekend as we say goodbye (for now) to Jamie and stay tuned to meet the new bass player for Ballistic Pig v11.0 who will be announced shortly.

Finally, here's a little Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters jam to send Jamie on his way
Thanks for reading, see you at a show, soon.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Happy News Year! (Hey, we're rock stars working on Tofino Time here...)

It's been a few weeks since the last blog post but the holidays will do that I guess. We had a blast this last little while playing 65th birthdays, Chistmas parties and whatnot. We also had a photo taken for the official Ballistic Pig Christmas Card (Thanks Jill Patterson for clicking the button)

Geoff had a "solo" gig at Jack's this passed weekend but the whole band showed up anyway, we got to experiment with our full-band Acoustic Pig arrangement that is in the works and show off the talents of a few honorary pigs. Thanks to Joel and Jamie (pictured with the band below) for sitting in:

Finally, our next scheduled gig is February 24, 25 when we'll be back at Jack's. Tara's not available for the gig but our one-time guitarist Jonathon "Chester Hamm" Shillam will be coming out so expect some guitar madness!

It was great to see so many locals at our gigs through the winter, looking forward to many fun parties with westcoasters and visitors alike in 2014