Wednesday 23 June 2021

Squids, Panel Discussion and Music

 With COVID restrictions lifting, gigs are back and I suspect more of my personal creative time will be shifting back to music. I've invested in some new audio recording gear and plan to record some demos and possibly an album in the coming months. Meanwhile, Tara and I have returned to our regular gig at Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet on Thursday nights and other bookings are coming in... It feels good to get back to making music for people.

Recently I've been pumping out a bit of a mix of videos. The Tofino Arts Council provided some grant funding for a number of local artists to create projects with the them of "My First Pandemic." I chatted with some of them a few months ago to make this video;

I've also been having fun with a GoPro on the end of a painter's pole and come up with these 2 bits

Thanks for watching! Let me know if you need anything fun made