Thursday 28 March 2013

The Small World of Canadian Music Just Got A Little Smaller

We're not even close to big time Canadian musicians here at Ballistic Pig but we have have met some big-time awesome people! I (Geoff) have had the particular good fortune to interview or otherwise interact with a lot of the acts that have come through Tofino and Ucluelet during my time with Long Beach Radio.

Well, a couple summers ago I met Jay Smith as he came through town with Matt Epp. It was a short meeting but I know that both men were commited, talented musicians and, more importantly, genuinely great guys. I learned yesterday the Jay passed away this week after a gig in Edmonton with Matt Mays. It took me a while to remember which band I had met Jay through but I instantly remembered the way he made me feel.

Thanks Jay for being one of those inspirational road warrior musicians who kept his soul while giving it away every night on tour. Thanks Jay for having the courage to balance the love you had for you family with the love of your craft. From what I've been reading today I'm not alone in feeling a distinct loss at the news of Jay Smiths passing, I don't know the details but that's not important. What is important is that the family he loved and the music he created is remembered in a time when the have both been so dramatically changed.

If you would like to support Jay's family please have a look at Matt Mays' website and I think I'm gonna crank Romantic Fool and Rock Ranger Record and tip a beer for Jay. I don't know if he would ever have said he was my friend but I know we were kin in many ways.

Thanks for reading, Geoff