Friday 31 May 2013

First "Official" Acoustic Piglet Gig... Also First "Official" Official's Gig

Well, folks... Ballistic Pig is generally a noisy 3 (or 4) piece Rock and Roll outfit suited to clubs, pubs and bigger parties. We can however strip down to a solo or 2 piece to make ourselves appropriate for smaller venues and lower key events.

Last night, Geoff Johnswine in his solo acoustic form as "Acoustic Piglet" played The Driftwood Café in The Wickaninnish Inn. The small crowd was treated to a couple sets of Beatles, Van Morrison, Tom Petty and the like and also greeted by surprisingly "sensitive" looking Geoff (he sort of shaved!)

Chester Hamm dropped in and jammed a few tunes at the end and took this photo.
So, if you're looking for something more suited to house party, café or restaurant patio. Acoustic Pig (the 2 piece band) or Acoustic Piglet (the solo thing) might be a good bet.

Don't worry though... we haven't gone all hippie acoustic or any of that nonsense!!!! Ballistic Pig will be rocking our usual haunt at Jack's in Tofino in June 14th and touring down to Official's Sports Lounge in Ucluelet June 15 to melt some Ukee faces. See you there!!

Also, don't forget about our weekly Monday night jam at Jack's in Tofino. Talk Soon -Geoff