Friday 4 October 2013

End of an Era

Ballistic Pig has a long history and history has chapters. This Monday we'll turn the page on a chapter of Ballistic Pig's tale as we say goodbye to Chester Hamm. Chester and Geoff formed Tofino's first taste of Ballistic Pig a few years ago playing a few gigs with Sebastian Simard. That band crumbled and Ballistic Pig was reborn in August 2012 when Chester and Geoff were asked to cover some cancellations and Jack's Pub in Tofino.

After playing together steadily for more than a year Chester has decided to head across Vancouver Island and set up in the Comox Valley. In order to keep the rock going Ballistic Pig has already began retooling. Geoff will be playing guitar again, leaving the bass to the newest Pig, Jamie Pigkard. Also, Tara 'Hamila' Halil will be joining us full-time on lead vocals. So the squealing will go on.

A huge thank you to Chester for his role in the creation of this generation of Ballistic Pig. It has been a fun year and we're all fortunate to have found  group of like minded musicians in the village of Tofino. Good luck ahead and feel free to crash our gigs with your Strat any time.
Left to Right: Geoff, Nick and Chester after a gig during the "Chester Era"
 Join Ballistic Pig in saying goodbye the The Old Hamm this Monday for jam night at Jack's. It's going to be Chester's last official posting as a Ballistic Pig so let's make it a good one!