Wednesday 14 January 2015

Happy New Year (Better Late Than Never)

Happy New Year, all. Sorry for the gap in blog posts but I've been a busy boy, recording tracks for the upcoming album, playing some fun shows, booking weddings for this coming summer and more.

We had a great time with the jazz trio playing in the dining room at Black Rock on New Year's Eve and we're back at Black Rock on Saturday Jan 17 for their 6th anniversary and local appreciation party. We're also working on a Valentine's Day show... more on that when we sort it out. All our gigs are on the calendar unit to the right (or HERE if you're on the mobile site).

In other news; The album is coming along. I had intended for it do be very much country and jazz based but the first few songs that are getting close to completion are a bit more rock than anticipated. I'm still hoping to have it ready to go some time in March or April with a small CD release tour in the Alberni-Clayoquot area.

Also, I've just learned that the handsome and talented devils at Riversong Guitars are making me a ukulele. I've been a big fan of Riversong since I bought one of their guitars a few years ago and I suspect that their quality craftsmanship will lead to a ukulele I will love just as much.

Finally, The 4 piece rock band is on hiatus for the moment with drummer Nick away working and planning an extended trip to Europe. We'll let you know what develops with the rock band incarnation of Ballistic Pig, meanwhile we're excited to focus on the album, solo show and that jazz trio. Jam night at Jack's continues though so don't worry local music types.

That's it for now, teasers from the album and another interesting project announcement coming soon.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at a show, soon - Geoff