Monday 23 October 2017

Fall Update!

Hi friends, guess it's been awhile since we updated the old website. Summer has passed and we had a great time playing events of all sorts. The full band played a ton of weddings and other great events. We even got to hit the road a bit and play some gigs in the lower mainland recently.
Anyway, we're slowing down a bit now... The next full band Ballistic Pig gig we have scheduled is Mom Prom at the ANAF hall in Ucluelet. Here are the details.
Of course Monday night jam night at The Tofino Legion continues, as does the open mic at Ukee Dogs in Ucluelet on Wednesday nights. You can also continue to catch Geoff's solo sets Wednesday afternoons at Long Beach Lodge. For other gigs check out the calendar to the right of every page of the website.

Hopefully this winter will be fruitful with plans to add a rockabilly inspired act, a more elaborate duo set and some recording projects to the mix now that we have a little time.  Stay tuned.

Finally, Geoff has taken over a more active role booking events for the ANAF veteran's hall in Ucluelet, hopefully you'll come and check out one of the upcoming shows (or perform one). You can email him at if you have an idea for an event there.

Cheers, Geoff