Saturday 22 February 2014

Pig Evolution Continues

The first "Ballistic Pig" band that I was in formed in Medicine Hat, Alberta some 15 years ago when I (Geoff Johnswine) headed down to The Royal for jam night with a friend named Tom Cook. We were joined by a drummer we had never met to jam some punk rock tunes we had just written. The brave, unknown drummer made up the name Ballistic Pig on the spot and I have used it ever since for a series of cover bands. Well.... it's time for Ballistic Pig to move on into it's next phase... Sadly (for us anyway) our bassist Jamie Pigkard (below) has decided to move back to the east coast to follow up on some oppurtunities there, his last shows with us will be February 28th, March 1st at Jack's in Tofino.

Jamie Pigkard, bassist for Ballistic Pig
Jamie has played with us since October when guitarist Chester Hamm left for Cumberland and I made the transition back to lead guitar. Since then he has brought a little more hard and mordern rock to our repertoire and become a fast friend of the other pigs... he will be missed. Don't worry though, Ballistic Pig is already scouting a few talented and commited locals for the role and we shouldn't miss any gigs we've scheduled for this spring.

Please come on out and raise a glass to the bass-man this weekend as we say goodbye (for now) to Jamie and stay tuned to meet the new bass player for Ballistic Pig v11.0 who will be announced shortly.

Finally, here's a little Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters jam to send Jamie on his way
Thanks for reading, see you at a show, soon.