Sunday 21 July 2013

The Pig Rig: Geoff's Jazz Bass

Time to have another look at the gear that makes Ballistic Pig squeal. Our fairly mundane subject this time is my 1996 5 string American Standard Fender Jazz Bass. Let's have a look at this workhorse;
Lovingly adorned with images from The Long Beach Surf Shop


Headstock chipped from hitting cymbals (sorry to all the drummers who's cymbals I've smashed)

Bass virtuoso Felipe showing me how to play my own bass

Fender made his first prototype electric basses back in 1950 and released the Fender Precision Bass in '51. Ten year's later the Jazz Bass appeared. I used to own a 1972 Precision Bass but never really took to it, when I purchased this instrument used, from a now closed music shop in Regina, I suddenly fell in love with bass, despite the learning curve of the 5th string.  Possibly this can be explained by the fact that I'm a Stratocaster guy more than a Telecaster guy. The Jazz bass is to the Precision Bass as a Stratocaster is to a Telecaster for the most part....

I love my Fender but that doesn't keep me from drooling over the Canadian brand Dingwall's guitars. Much like my Riversong acoustic guitar I love their pursuit of innovation and devotion to quality manufacturing...

So if anyone from Dingwall reads this and you're looking for someone to dump off a "factory second" bass on you can mail it to: Geoff Johnson, Box 323 Tofino BC V0R 2Z0 :p

Speaking of Dingwall basses and things I like; we'll be opening the show for Dingwall player and super talented guy, Earl Pereira and his band The Steadies. The show is at The Tofino Legion on Saturday, July 27th. Tickets are on sale at The Legion or Common Loaf Bake Shop for just $12! Here are a couple videos Earl doing his thing with The Steadies and his old band Wide Mouth Mason

If you're looking for something to do in Tofino this weekend... this is it!
Thanks for visiting the site... See you at a gig soon. -Geoff