Wednesday 17 July 2013

The Pig Rig: Geoff's Riversong Acoustic Guitar

|Hi folks, Geoff here with another update on the gear that keeps the Ballistic Pig machine moving. Generally, in full Ballistic Pig mode I play a late 90s Fender 5 string Jazz Bass. When it's time to "go acoustic" I reach for my BC made Riversong Tradition Canadian Special Edition. It's a modern take on the acoustic guitar that doesn't suffer from plastics and carbon-fibre but benefits from simple human ingenuity and elegant craftsmanship. Before we explain that, here are a few photos of my guitar:

 If you were looking closely you'll have noticed a few key things;

1.) These guitars are, in fact, hand made in Kamloops BC

2.) The sound hole has a weird laser etched plaque in it and there's some weird stuff at the tail where the strap attaches. (more on that in a second)

3.) There's a second sound hole in the side of the guitar. This functions as a monitor of sort while playing and also provides a discrete place to hide the controls for the Fishman USA pickup

4.) The woods used and the craftsmanship are amazing. In fact all the woods used in this guitar are Canadian in origin (Maple, Sitka Spruce and Walnut to be specific)

As mentioned in point 2, there's more happening here than meets the eye. Here's one of the guys from Riversong to explain these unique features, Mike;

If you'd like to read the description of this and other features here's the "Innovations" page of their website

An interesting note; within an hour of posting a picture of my new Riversong when I first bought it Mike had sent me a Facebook friend request and has been readily available to answer questions and was quick to invite me on a factory tour. Very cool... Leo Fender never sent me a Facebook friend request...

I'm not an endorsed Riversong player, I paid the price on the tag for this guitar at Got It, Want It, Need It in Courtenay but I DO choose to share my love with whomever I can..  This is the guitar I use for solo and duo gigs, the one I tend to play at home and the one used for my custom song-writing service and other recording.  Everywhere I play it the sound and look turns heads and every time I pick it up I am pleased to have made the investment.

If you want to see/ hear my Riversong in action I'll be playing a solo set of cover tunes at The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet tomorrow evening. (July 18)

Lots of other gigs coming up, too. Catch the full Ballistic Pig rock set and Jack's in Tofino Friday and Saturday night, jam night on Monday (also at Jack's) and our opening set with The Steadies at The Tofino Legion on July 27th. Hope you can make it out to some of the shows.  -Geoff